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Published Author: Sharon Dill - Hypnosis For Cancer

Sharon's work on Hypnosis for Cancer has been published as a free e-book to hypnotists worldwide on her website Hypnosis For Cancer. Sharon decided to release the guide free of charge so that her methods could be shared & utilized by many hypnotists world-wide, to spread the knowledge & healing for many .. The e-book has been downloaded more than 1400 times by hypnotists worldwide, in order to better help their clients.

What Sharon has to say about this: If I can help save lives or even improve the quality of lives of cancer sufferers, then my dream is fulfilled.

Michael Ellner (World Renowned Hypnotherapist) has this to say about Sharon's Hypnosis for Cancer eBook:

"Sharon Dill has put together a concise, comprehensive and easy to learn program for utilizing hypnotic mind-body healing. I highly recommend Hypnosis for Cancer as a supplement to medical care. Bravo!"

Michael Ellner NYC

Co-author HOPE is realistic (with Kelly T Woods)

Co-author of The IBS help book (with Allan Barsky)

Author: BEDSIDE MANNERS - The Pain Clinicians Guide to Effective Medical Communication

Sharon Was Interviewed About Doomscrolling By NewzRoom Afrika on DSTV Channel 405

DoomScrolling - What is it and how can we break away from the addictive habit of endlessly scrolling bad news?

Our mobile phones are incredibly powerful devices, which can connect us to many things - the ability to message our family and friends, finding interesting and informative news and information, and listening to our favorite music. But they can also be a doorway to endlessly scrolling for news - and this can easily become a trap of scrolling to find more and more and more information - an endless search for answers to our fears and concerns, which can spiral into an addiction to Bad News.

How can we manage to find that balance between DoomScrolling and checking the news to keep ourselves informed? Read Sharon's article here: DoomScolling ...

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