Compassionate Hypnotherapist “I’m changing the world – one person at a time.”

About Sharon: Sharon Dill C.HT is a highly qualified Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist & who studied with the South African Institute of Hypnotism.  She studied and qualified in Johannesburg, where she has run a highly successful full-time practice for over 6 years.

Sharon facilitates exceptional hypnosis sessions utilizing the latest techniques, in order to achieve desired change at the deepest levels in her clients. Results from happy clients speak for themselves – see testimonials page.

Helping people has been a lifelong path for Sharon. The troubles of the world touched her deeply from a very young age. At the tender age of 7, her mom asked what she wanted to do when she grew up – her answer was: “Help people ..”

Sharon has always had an interest in the mind-body connection & studied various modalities over the years. However, when she sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, the true search began to find something that really works. This she found in hypnotherapy.

Sharon tells the story of her hypnosis journey in relation to her sister’s cancer:

Very early on in my hypnosis training,  my sister Heather needed to go in for an operation. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The bad news was that the cancer had already progressed too far to save the breast – she needed an urgent mastectomy to save her life.  At the time I had only just begun to study hypnosis, and was more than a little skeptical about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy – after all, how could a few words, however well said, make any difference whatever to the situation? But I was desperate to help my sister, so decided to go ahead and give her a session as best I could with the knowledge I had at the time.  A couple of days before the op, I gave Heather the session, with suggestions for a smooth operation with no complications, that she would come back to full consciousness after the op quickly and easily, and that there would be a speedy recovery, free of complications. The results were remarkable!

I could not believe my eyes, when the medical staff wheeled her sister out of the operating theater! She was fully awake & conscious, & actually sitting up! Within an hour she was chatting & drinking water. Due to her amazing speedy recovery, she was discharged 3 days early. Doctors & friends were astounded at how quickly & neatly the scar healed. For me it was a huge wake-up call – I needed no further convincing of the power of hypnotherapy!

However, Heather’s problems were far from over. Lymph nodes removed during the mastectomy revealed that the cancer had spread. A battery of tests & scans revealed that she also had bone cancer. I will never forget sitting in the doctor’s office with the scans on the table – it looked as if someone had taken a shotgun & shot my sister – her spine & hips were pitted with cancer. It felt like a death sentence. But my sister took one look at the scans and declared: “I’m not going to die now. I will fight – there’s no way I’m checking out now!” And so began the true journey – my sister’s unconquerable spirit, & me learning all I could as fast as I could.

It is now four years later. The journey we have traveled has brought us closer than ever, and my sister is my hero. The cancer has not spread any further. The combination of the excellent medical care she has received plus the hypnotherapy sessions, she has remained healthy enough to see through the chemo & side effects from the medication. The true turning point came after I used a new set of techniques I had learned in one of our sessions. What was so amazing and beautiful to see was the look on her face when she came out of hypnosis. I had never seen her so radiantly happy – her face was literally glowing! During the 2 hour journey back home after the session, she messaged me 3 times … “you are wonderful … your techniques are fantastic … I can’t wait for the next session .. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted … ” By the time I went to bed, she had messaged me 5 times!

Since those early days of the discovery of the power of hypnotherapy, Sharon has helped many people with many problems, such as Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Childhood Issues, Trauma, Public Speaking Confidence, Panic Attacks, Self Confidence, and many many more .. see list in the column on the left .. Applications for hypnosis are literally endless – anything you think you might be able to do – you can!

Sharon has studied extensively with world renowned hypnotherapists in order to bring true relief & resolution to her clients. Her continued desire to learn more led her to the amazing & deeply trans-formative modality of hypnotherapy. Here she found something which was able to facilitate profound changes at the deepest levels, resulting in lasting desired change.

Her favorite saying is: “I’m changing the world – one person at a time. Every person I help, changes the world a little bit – it creates a ripple effect. I believe that positive change in individuals will change the world. It’s already happening .. There is a changing awareness in the world today, to better ourselves from the inside ..”

Sharon has completed & qualified in the following courses:

  • Self Mastery through Auto-Hypnosis (SAIH)
  • Basic Hypnosis (CC1 – SAIH)
  • Advanced Hypnosis (CC2 – SAIH)
  • Group Hypnosis (CC3 – SAIH)
  • Analytical Hypnosis (CC4 – SAIH)
  • Analytical Hypnotherapy (CC5 – SAIH)
  • A Practical Approach to Hypnotherapy (CC110 – SAIH)
  • Quantum Focusing (Michael Ellner USA – Specialty Course)
  • IBS Relief (Michael Ellner USA – Speciality Course)
  • Quantum Focusing (Michael Ellner USA – Specialty Course)
  • Resource Strategy Approach (SAIH – Specialty Course)
  • An Introduction: Conversational & Waking Hypnosis (SAIH – Specialty Course)
  • Hypnotic Pain Reduction (Roy Hunter USA – Specialty Course)
  • Hypnotherapy for Success (Roy Hunter USA –  Specialty Course)
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy (Roy Hunter USA – Specialty Course)
  • Past Life Regression (Karen E. Wells)
  • Past Life Regression (SAMHA – John Dutton)
  • Medical Hypnotherapy (Richard Nongard USA – Specialty Course)
  • Wholeism Healing (Body-Energy Healing Techniques)

Sharon Dill C.Ht is a full member of the South African Institute of Hypnotism & is bound by their high standards & code of ethics. Hypnotherapists linked SAIH are encouraged to participate in the latest courses to score ‘points’, to ensure they are highly trained & are fully conversant with the very latest hypnosis techniques.

The South African Institute of Hypnotism is one of the most respected & highly regarded Hypnosis Schools worldwide.

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