Coronavirus anxiety? Hypnosis can help!

With the rapid spread of the coronavirus worldwide, you may be feeling more stressed than usual. And in these uncertain times, it’s normal to feel escalated anxiety. Anxiety can actually be helpful in small amounts – it urges us to take caution and to be careful of our actions. But too much anxiety can be extremely uncomfortable and can make it difficult to cope with what is happen around us.

Whether you’re someone who has been experiencing chronic anxiety for a while or if this is the first time you’re experiencing a high level of anxiety, hypnotherapy can help.

As South Africa’s 21-day lockdown continues, it helps to think outside of the box. Even though in-person therapy sessions aren’t currently available, therapeutic hypnosis can be done remotely and is enormously beneficial for those in need of support.

Sharon offers clients the option of receiving online hypnotherapy over video or voice chat. Sharon has many years of experience in helping clients with anxiety, during which she has developed a number of tried-and-tested techniques. She has helped clients cope with many different types of anxiety, including health anxiety. Sharon’s signature style of hypnosis is not only calming but also aims to equip clients with the tools to manage their own anxiety.

Because Sharon is currently working remotely, she’s accepting clients from anywhere in South Africa. The only requirements are a good-quality internet connection that can handle video or voice chat.

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