Scientists Make New Discovery – Hypnosis Changes DNA!

One might wonder: What is the link between Hypnosis and DNA? Now scientists have discovered that human DNA can be altered with hypnosis. It is a well known fact that during hypnosis there is communication with the subconscious mind – this is a direct path to our inner programming – our DNA. Powerful suggestions are taken up in our subconscious mind, effectively re-programming our bodies in line with the suggestions. DNA plays a key part in this communication.

How can DNA be re-programmed, I hear you say. After all – DNA is genetic! Everything we are has already been pre-programmed by the genes we inherited from our parents. This is only partly true. In fact, scientists have discovered that hypnosis can re-program our existing DNA. Not only that, but the fact that DNA is located in each and every cell in our bodies, and cells are continually being replaced & renewed, means that our DNA is continually being replaced & renewed. If we can pre-program new DNA with better information, as well as re-program old DNA, then we can be assured of super-quick change & progress.

Amazing as this is, it is only one part of what DNA is about. It has further been discovered that once DNA has been re-programmed, it starts informing all the other DNA in the body, of the new changes. Rapid change is the assured result. The beauty of this, is that once we begin to change our inner landscape, our outer landscape automatically begins to adjust as well. What that means is that once we change who we are, the circumstances in our lives automatically start to change for the better too.

The fact that our bodies are programmable by both language & thought, is something spiritual teachers have known for a very long time. Many masters have conquered the challenge of mastering their thoughts. However, for the average human, maintaining the power of concentration necessary to bring about change, is no easy matter. For this reason, results are generally unreliable – mastering one’s thoughts is a tricky business!Each person needs to individually work on inner growth & spirituality, in order to successfully establish communication with their DNA.

A Russian biophysicist & molecular biologist, Pjotr Garjajev & his team sought a different route to communicating directly with the DNA. They have been exploring the vibrational behavior of DNA – seeking a method for making fail-proof permanent changes to DNA. They discovered that living DNA substance reacts to language-modulated laser rays, as well as certain radio wave frequencies. The Russians have been studying cellular metabolism, and how, through radio & light frequencies it is possible to repair genetic defects within DNA.

An interesting fact is that DNA not only programs our bodies, it is also an organic ‘transmitter’ of information – a superconductor. This can clearly be seen in animals. Examples of this can be seen in schools of fish & flocks of birds flying in formation. The animals behave as a single entity, a group consciousness, effortlessly and instinctively knowing which way to move without crashing into each other. Fascinating stuff indeed!

A long time ago humans were as connected with each other as animals. However, in order to develop & experience individual consciousness, we needed to ‘unlearn’ hyper consciousness. Now, having progressed to the point where we are today, we are ready to move back to global consciousness. In their book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain how, now that we are relatively stable in our individual consciousness, we can start to regain access to information via our DNA.

Hypnosis is a great way to make the connection to our powerful & complex DNA. Relaxation, carefully chosen suggestions & various other methods are utilized for direct communication with the subconscious mind – the direct pathway to our DNA. The resulting success is key to the actualization of the wonderful changes we want to see in ourselves, and ultimately, the world.

Yes – there is a link between hypnosis and DNA- and the future looks good!

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