Many people feel the call to help others, and hypnosis is one of the most powerful ways to get excellent results. But studying hypnosis, truly understanding, and being able to go into your sessions with the confidence that you know how to get great results, is not always as easy as it looks.

Sharon at Johannesburg Hypnosis has years of experience of running her own successful hypnosis practice, and now offers Hypnosis Practitioner Mentoring

Sharon at Johannesburg Hypnosis offers Hypnosis Mentoring to help you:

  • Really understand the class material from your courses

  • Practice hypnotic methods & sessions

  • Build confidence in your abilities as a hypnotist

  • Break through the barriers of fear / confidence / practical experience / hypnosis theory

  • Bridge the gap - Get yourself into professional hypnosis practice

  • Help many people to heal / change bad habits / reach their goals 

  • Claim your place in the worldwide hypnosis community

  • Live your dream - feel the fulfillment of helping people every day - and being paid for it!

Skills Assessment:

  • Individual assessment of your skills level

  • Individual structured session plan based on your individual needs to get yourself into practice

Practical Subjects Covered:

  • How to structure client sessions and what to cover in each session

  • Actual practice working with hypnosis and hypnotherapy

  • How to recognize the different levels of hypnosis

  • Pretalk and conversational hypnosis

  • Building rapport with clients

  • Which questions to ask client in first session and why

  • Useful NLP Techniques

  • Practical Information and training on Skype Hypnosis

  • How to handle clients spiritual beliefs VS your own spiritual beliefs

  • How much to charge / client payment arrangements

Theory & Support Structures (You Are Not Alone)

  • Discussion on various aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and what works

  • Discussing the Pro' s and Con's of different ways to get the best results

  • Various categories of hypnosis eg: emotional issues / medical / personal development / spiritual / stop smoking / weight loss / pain control / hypnosis for cancer, etc. (further training available in these)

  • Recommended books / further study

  • Basic Marketing Skills

Self Confidence

  • Hypnosis sessions to boost your self esteem /  tap into your resources

  • Optimize your strengths

  • Letting go of negative thought patterns which hinder you from achieving your fullest potential

  • Improved self-esteem and self-acceptance (where this is an issue)

  • Achieving confidence to qualify and start your own successful practice

You can do this!

Other Services Available:

  • Individual Website Design and Setup (I will design and set up your website)

  • Search Engine Optimization (Adwords and Other SEO Techniques)

  • Website Maintenance

  • Writing Articles for Your Website

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