Insomnia is one of the most common problems we, as human beings, experience. Most of us, at some time or another, have experienced lack of sleep, and the devastating effects on mind, body, emotions and energy levels, when we don’t get enough sleep.

The Good News Is – Hypnosis Helps!

Hypnosis has been used since the 1700’s to successfully treat stress, anxiety and insomnia, to change unwanted habits, such as smoking and bad eating habits, to successfully lose weight, and even help with medical problems, such as pain control, and relief from discomfort.

Hypnosis is a powerful way to train the mind to access deep states of relaxation. During hypnosis the mind automatically learns how to de-stress and relax, and how to connect to a deep state of inner peace and tranquility – and that is half the battle won already! In hypnosis, we train the mind let go of stress, leave troubling thoughts and emotions behind, and be to able to connect to a very peaceful state, and ultimately, fall asleep easily and naturally stay asleep all night long, to get a lovely restful sleep, and wake feeling refreshed.

Sharon has helped hundreds of clients to let go of anxiety, stress and worry, and to be able to connect to a state of complete relaxation. Further suggestions of being able to fall asleep easily naturally follow. Sharon teaches her clients self hypnosis, so that each client has the ability to program their own mind, to access a deeply relaxed state mind, to fall asleep easily and naturally get a deep peaceful nights rest.

Most clients see Sharon for 6 – 8 sessions for relief from insomnia, depending on the problems related to lack of sleep.

Teaching the mind to relax is a progressive technique, with each session building on the last session, for lasting change. Problems related to lack of sleep can also be resolved. Even trauma can be resolved and left behind as hypnosis is extremely powerful way to leave the past behind and learn to live in the moment.

As for the actual state of hypnosis, it is nothing like the way it is portrayed in movies and TV! It is not an unconscious state, and nor is it a state of sleep. It is merely a deeply relaxed state, where there is a heightened focus on what is being discussed. Scientists have measured the brain waves of Hypnosis vs Meditation – and guess what – they are identical! Sharon explains to her clients that hypnosis is, in fact, a meditative state, where we can access those deeper levels of relaxation. Often, after their first session of experiencing hypnosis, clients say things like: ‘wow – I’ve never felt so relaxed’ or ‘that was awesome’ …

Read what Michelle says about the program:

“I have suffered from chronic insomnia for the most part of my adult life. I have been hospitalized on multiple occasions due to lack of sleep. I have had electrodes glued to my scalp whilst being monitored in a sleep clinic. I have been to the best psychiatrists and psychologists and I have tried almost every type of medication that exists. I have had prophylactic shock from allergic reactions to some of them and the list goes on and on and on. 

At the beginning of this year, I decided to stop the medications and to stop seeing doctors and i decided to take a leap of faith in giving hypnotherapy a try. When i first phoned Sharon Dill, i was in tears from exhaustion and frustration and a sheer feeling of futility. I recall her saying “Don’t worry, I will help you”. I was unsure whether or not she would be able to, since no one else could, but I had nothing to lose. So I took the leap of faith.

I have been seeing Sharon for the last 8 weeks once a week. I have a sleep monitoring app and when I started seeing her, my sleep quality was below 50%. Every week it began to increase and today I woke up with a sleep quality percentage of 100% with 9H10 mins of sleep.

When I first started with Sharon, I used to drag my body inside her home and now I leap inside. I feel alive again. My mind feels alert, my body feels healthy and strong, my mood has elevated and I feel energized in a way I had forgotten was possible. I am so excited about the way I feel – because I had forgotten how it felt to be a person who sleeps and doesn’t run on empty.

There are no words that do justice to the gratitude i feel towards Sharon Dill for helping me with my insomnia.”

*Disclaimer – results may vary from person to person*

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Sharon is a fully qualified hypnotist, and has been in practice for over 6 years. She uses many different techniques under the umbrella of hypnosis to bring about change for her clients, such as direct suggestions, visualization, metaphor and story telling, as well as teaching each client how to program their own mind to reach their goals.

Please note that unfortunately in South Africa (unlike the UK) medical aids don’t cover hypnosis.

Read more about hypnosis on our FAQ page here …

We hope we have answered some of your queries and hypnosis FAQ’s – if you have any questions, Sharon will be happy to talk to you directly.

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