Manifesting Abundance Course

EVENT: Manifest Abundance In Your Life - Activate The Law Of Attraction

Many of us want to change, want the success, the financial abundance, want to attract love and happiness - but just can't quite seem to get there.

What is the secret to true happiness, success, and abundance in all areas of life? How do you overcome negative programmed belief systems, your doubts, your fears? How do you change the way you feel about life? How do you change the way you see the world and your part in it? How do you find your path?

How do you shift from fear, stress, worry and anxiety, into confidence, happiness, success, and abundance?

What is the Law Of Attraction? Does manifesting really work?

These are just some of the questions we might ask ourselves, and all the while perhaps feeling too fearful to make a decision, or move in any direction, or take any action - lest we make a mistake, or make a fool of ourselves, or do something big that we can't handle, or put ourselves 'out there' to be ridiculed or laughed at by others.

These are some of the things that hold you back from stepping into your true destiny, taking action and making a success of your life.

How many of us have read countless books, done courses, watched videos - and revert back to our 'old ways' within a few weeks.

The reason for this is that the things that hold you back are lodged deep in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a powerful but gentle way to connect to the subconscious mind, to bring about the change we want to experience in our lives.

Read more about the subconscious mind and how it works here: What is the Subconscious Mind and How Does It Work


This course is to help you understand The Law Of Attraction - how to start manifesting the life you want to live - the life you were born to live.

This course is a journey to understand The Law Of Attraction, how to activate abundance in every area of your life, to learn about the Laws Of The Universe, and how to start manifesting the life you want for yourself.


Understand Manifesting, Abundance, The Law Of The Universe, and The Law Of Attraction, Shift Previous Perceived Limitations


- If you want to start to take control of your destiny - activate abundance, success and happiness - his course is for you

- If you want understand how to manifest abundance in your life - be it more money, love, success, happiness - this course is definitely for you

- If you are stuck, or experiencing repeated patterns of negativity - you should really come to this course

- If you want to attract your soulmate, or the man / woman of your dreams - do come to this course

- If you really really want to overcome those limiting beliefs, stop procrastinating, and let go of insecurity and fear - this course can help you

- If you are fed up with getting nowhere - this course is especially for you

WHAT IS HYPNOSIS and will this be used in the workshop? Yes, there will be hypnosis, but no, it is not the way it is portrayed in the movies! Hypnosis is not an unconscious state, and neither does anyone 'take control' of anyone else's mind.

Hypnosis is a merely a discussion in a deeply relaxed state of mind, very similar to meditation. In fact, the brain wavelengths in meditation and in hypnosis have been measured and they are identical.

You can expect to feel a gentle relaxed state, like sitting in the garden daydreaming. People often comment: "I've never felt so relaxed - it was wonderful."

Check out Sharon's FAQ page on her website here:


Sharon from Johannesburg Hypnosis is a fully qualified hypnotist, and has been in practice for over 8 years. She has helped hundreds of clients to achieve lasting transformation. The techniques she has developed are powerful - and they work!

Sharon has been interviewed multiple times on TV, radio and in Magazines. Her passion is helping people find joy, freedom, success and fulfillment.






- Learn About The Law Of Attraction

- Understand and Activate Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life

- Be Able To Manifest Financial Abundance

- Tap Into Success

- Start Reaching Your Goals

- Attract The Love Of Your Life




Talk on The Law Of The Universe

Questions Answered

Hypnosis Session 1

Tea and Coffee Break

Hypnosis Session 2

Closing discussion


Pen and a notebook - there is a lot of information in the course!




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Sharon Dill C.Ht