Manifest Abundance in Your Life - Activate the Law Of Attraction

Many of us would love to create a life of abundance and happiness. We crave that wonderful magical ease with life … Perhaps having lots of money, wearing expensive clothes, going on fabulous holidays, owning beautiful homes, driving fancy cars, having the perfect partner, starting your own business or climbing the ladder of success.

But for many of us this little more than a dream. 

You might find yourself wondering – how it is that other people seem to find it so easy to tap into The Law of Attraction? Somehow, they seem to easily manifest all sorts of wonderful things in their lives. We have all heard amazing stories … So why is it so difficult to achieve this for ourselves?

Many of us desperately want to change, want the success, the financial freedom and abundance, want to attract love and happiness – but just can't seem to get it right. Why?

Manifesting, it would appear, is not as simple as it sounds!

The truth is that in order to step into abundance, you need to clear out your negative belief systems, change the way you think, and learn to transmit clear signals that bring great results. So - you quite laterally need to change your mind!

But how do you change the way you think, when the way you think is the result of years and years of accumulated 'stuff'. At the moment, your mind thinks in a very specific way, related to your experiences of life ... for example, if there is a belief system in your family that 'money doesn't grow on trees', then you might very well have a mindset of lack and scarcity - and this 'lack and scarcity' influences the way you see the world, and you might very well find yourself attracting the very circumstances that you wish to escape - lack and scarcity.

Also, just to complicate matters more, we cannot 'speak' to our own subconscious mind. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind are two very different parts of our mind, and you cannot connect to them both at the same time. You can either be in your conscious mind, or you can be in your subconscious mind. But it is impossible to be in both these parts of your mind at the same time. So you can't 'speak' to your own subconscious mind. And this is exactly why so many of us fail miserably to manifest. How can you change your subconscious mind, when you can't even communicate with it?

So how do you activate the secret to true happiness, success, and abundance in all areas of life? How do you overcome negative programmed belief systems, your doubts, your fears? How do you change the way you feel about life? How do you change the way you see the world and your part in it? How do you find your path?

How do you shift from fear, stress, worry and anxiety, into confidence, happiness, success, and abundance?

In order to be able to manifest, you need change the way you feel about life, you need to have a positive outlook, you need to have a clear and calm mind, you need to think in a very specific way, and you need to be able to send out very clear signals of exactly what you want to attract into your life ...

And here's the good news - hypnosis is awesome for changing the way you think, the way you feel about yourself and the way you feel about the world. Hypnosis is really amazing and brings fantastic results! Sharon has been in practice for over 9 years and had helped hundreds of happy clients achieve their goals. Hypnosis is a gentle but powerful way to bring about the change you want to see in your life.

Sharon from Johannesburg Hypnosis is a fully qualified hypnotist, and has been in practice for over 9 years. She has helped hundreds of clients to achieve lasting transformation. The techniques she has developed are powerful - and they work!

How Long Is The Course?

Seven beautiful empowering sessions that will change your life!

Why does it take 7 sessions?

Well, if we were to boost your belief systems and confidence in a single session, you might feel good for a whole week, maybe even 10 days ... but then your mind would very quickly reject the new state of mind as 'not real', 'not reality' and quickly reset itself to your previous 'reality'.

So, in order for the new state of mind to stick, the inner change needs to be done gradually, one session at a time, and as your mind begins to adjust the way it thinks, you begin to see the world in a whole different way.

With each session, you will be connecting more and more to your very best self, the best version of you - and that is a beautiful and empowering transformation - and when you are your best self, manifesting comes easily.

What is this course about?

This is a seven-session weekly course to let go of limiting beliefs, build confidence and self-belief, clear your mind from all that old clutter, learn how to transmit clear signals to tap into the Law of Abundance. This course is a journey to understand The Law Of Attraction, how to activate abundance in every area of your life, to learn about the Laws Of The Universe, and how to start manifesting the life you want for yourself.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

The sessions are 1 hour each, and each session is R250. Once off payment of R1500 for all 7 sessions and save R250.

How Often Are The Sessions?

Once a week - this works best for rapid and wonderful results.

Where Is The Location:

Wednesdays: 4th Floor The Firs, Corner of Craddock & Biermann Avenues, Rosebank - next to The Zone

Saturdays: 2 Eddy Avenue, Bedfordview

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  • Learn The Law Of Attraction
  • Let Go Of The Past
  • Shift From Limiting Belief Systems
  • Switch To A Powerful & Positive State Of Mind
  • Learn To Program Your Mind
  • Find Direction In Your Life
  • Tap Into Confidence & Success
  • Start Reaching Your Goals
  • Manifest Financial Abundance
  • Understand and Activate Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life
  • Attract The Love Of Your Life

Are you ready for this challenge? And do you really want that joyful life, full of abundance and happiness? If the answer is yes, then you are ready for this course!


  • If you want to start to take control of your destiny – activate abundance, success and happiness – this course is for you
  • If you want understand how to manifest abundance in your life  – money, love, success, happiness –  - this course is definitely for you
  • If you are stuck, or experiencing repeated patterns of negativity – you should really come to this course
  • If you want to attract your soulmate, or the man / woman of your dreams – do come to this course
  • If you really, really want to overcome those limiting beliefs, stop procrastinating, and let go of insecurity and fear – this course can help you
  • If you want to find direction / become and achiever / start really succeeding in life – let's make this happen for you!

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The mind is a transmitter – very much like a radio transmitter – except it’s a two-2 way transmitter – what you transmit, or send out, is exactly what comes back to you. And the clearer the signal you send out, the more easily you can manifest. But training your mind to do what you want it to do it takes time, and effort, focus and determination. In order to make any real progress and success with manifesting – you’re going to have to quite literally change your mind and the way you think.

So how do you permanently shift from fear, stress, worry and anxiety, into confidence, happiness, success, and abundance?

How do you escape the trap of being fearful to make decisions, trust in yourself and your abilities, take action, step up and take charge of your life? Do old, stale, limiting beliefs hold you back, lest you make a mistake, or make a fool of yourself, or do something big that you think you can't handle –, or, even worse, start succeeding only to find yourself reverting to those limiting beliefs which once trapped you?

How do you overcome feeling stuck in limiting beliefs, doubts, fears and a mindset of lack and mistrust that good things can last? How do you start to believe in yourself, and really succeed in life? How do you change the way you feel about life, yourself and your place in the world? How do you find your path?

What exactly is the Law of Attraction, and does it really work?

Perhaps, you, like me (in the past), have read countless books, done courses, watched videos – and revert back to the 'old ways' within a few weeks.

The reason for this is that the things that hold you back are lodged deep in the subconscious mind. And the really sad thing is that most people are not able to fully connect to the subconscious mind, to change those inner beliefs.

Hypnosis is a powerful but gentle way to connect to the subconscious mind, to bring about the change we want to experience in our lives.

Read more about the subconscious mind and how it works here: What is the Subconscious Mind and How Does It Work?


Session One – Introduction: What Is Hypnosis - Full Explanation / Activate Inner Change To Start Your Journey

Session Two – Letting Go Of The Past

Session Three – Clear the Mind of Negativity and Clutter

Session Four – Change The Way You Think About Yourself and Your Life

Session Five – Learn to Program Your Own Mind

Session Six – Learn to Switch To Powerful Positive States Of Mind - Become Confident & Empowered

Session Seven – Learn The Secrets To Manifesting Abundance & Fine-Tune Your Mind to The Law Of Attraction


What is hypnosis and will there be hypnosis in the workshops?

Yes, there will be hypnosis, but hypnosis is not the way it is portrayed in the movies! Hypnosis is not an unconscious state, and neither does anyone 'take control' of anyone else's mind. Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state of mind, very similar to meditation.

In fact, the brain wavelengths in meditation and in hypnosis have been measured and they are identical. So hypnosis is a meditative state, not an unconscious state.

You can expect to feel a gentle relaxed state, like sitting in the garden daydreaming, or lying on the beach, listening to the waves. People often comment: "I've never felt so relaxed - it was amazing."

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Sharon from Johannesburg Hypnosis is a fully qualified hypnotist, and has been in practice for over 9 years. She has helped hundreds of clients to achieve lasting transformation. The techniques she has developed are powerful - and they work!

Sharon has been interviewed multiple times on TV, radio and in Magazines. Her passion is helping people find joy, freedom, success and fulfillment.




  • Sort out your 'stuff' – limiting beliefs / fears and insecurities / “stuck-ness”
  • Resolve issues and learn to program of your mind and emotions
  • Boost your confidence and learn to trust yourself
  • Find answers and find direction in your life
  • Learn to calm your mind, so you can transmit clear signals
  • Learn how to tune in and align yourself with what you want to manifest


Just you - and an open mind!


Wednesdays - Rosebank: 4th Floor The Firs, Corner of Craddock & Biermann Avenues, Rosebank - next to The Zone

Saturdays - Bedfordview: 2 Eddy Ave, Bedfordview


R250 per module - or make a once-off payment of R1500 for all 7 modules - save R250

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