Many of us would love to create a life of ease, success and abundance. We crave that wonderful magical ease with life … having lots of money, wearing expensive clothes, going on fabulous holidays, owning beautiful homes, and driving fancy cars. But for many of us this little more than a pipe dream. 

Manifesting, it would appear, is not as simple as it sounds.

You might find yourself wondering – how it is that other people seem to find it so easy to tap into The Law Of Attraction. Somehow, they seem to easily manifest all sorts of wonderful things in their lives. We’ve all heard amazing stories … so why is it so difficult to achieve this for ourselves?

You might find yourself saying – what am I doing wrong? How come I can’t manifest abundance? Unfortunately this kind of negative thinking can send us spiraling into a whole new level of self doubt – which, conversely actually makes the situation worse. When you send negative thoughts into the world, guess what happens – the world brings you more negative situations which match your thoughts. And so you end up feeling even worse.

I know how you feel – I’ve been there myself. I feel as if I’ve been studying manifesting since I was a child. I can remember being very young, around 6 years old, and noticing that sometimes when I really really wanted something, it magically happened. 

I remember a specific incident where I actively tried to make something happen – and it happened! I can remember thinking at the time, ‘It’s so easy to make something happen … how awesome is that!’ 

So I tried to duplicate the exercise – and failed miserably. I was so confused … So I tried to remember exactly what I had done the previous time, and then I remembered that I had thought about that thing and really wanted it, but also that it was very unlikely that I would get it.  

And as my young mind tried to figure out how to duplicate my success, I thought that maybe I had to say to myself ‘I want this thing – but I’ll never get it’ – just like I had done the first time. So I tried negative thinking. Could it be possible that all I had to do, was to say “I want it – but I’ll never get it.” ?

And guess what – complete failure! All of which left me feeling very confused. 

But it did raise some interesting questions in my mind, like, what was the difference between when I wanted something to happen, and it did, and when I wanted something to happen, and it didn’t. Inside of me, I knew I was on to something important, but I didn’t have the reasoning and wisdom, at that tender age, to unravel this mystery of life. 

Looking back now, from this place of knowledge I have now, I can very clearly see exactly why I managed to manifest some things, what I did so right the first time, and exactly why I was not able to easily duplicate my success when I tried again. I can also see, from this place of wisdom where I am now, that it would not have been in my best interests to be able to manifest things at such a young age! 

But as I grew up, I continued to have interesting experiences with manifesting my desires. I found that sometimes I was really good at manifesting things, and other times, I was really rotten at it! So the process of successfully manifesting remained somewhat elusive, a mystery, for many many years.

But I was fascinated with the prospect of manifesting, and continued to observe and notice things. 

The real change came, when I started studying hypnosis. I had always been curious about how the mind worked, and I instinctively knew that in order to facilitate real and lasting change, inner peace, and happiness, you needed to change your mindset. And I found this in hypnosis.

I had a traumatic childhood, and I battled for many years to overcome the depression, low self esteem, mood swings, and in intense fear and distrust of the world. But I was driven to succeed. So I did courses, I applied myself at work and worked my way up the corporate ladder. But I also continued to be fascinated with the human mind. And it was this fascination that led me to study hypnosis.

And everything changed. As I did the courses, I got a lot of hypnotherapy – we fellow students needed to practice, and so we practiced on each other.  I started to feel better about life, I became confident and found that inner peace I’d been craving for so long. And I finally put my childhood behind me for good.

What was even more interesting, is that things began to happen in my life – good things. Where once, I’d been plagued my bad luck, continuing trauma and drama, suddenly and magically amazing things started to come my way.  I completed my course and qualified, and very quickly thigs fell into place for me to learn to put up my own website, structure and my own online advertising – and people began to call and book. At the time I still had a day job, so I had to see them after hours and at weekends. I longed to have my own full time practice, but had no idea how to bridge the gap between employment with a salary, and having a successful practice. So I began to play with my imagination – and I imagined myself being fully booked, running a successful practice. And I made my imagination so real, that I was living my dream – I convinced myself it was already happening.

In December, when I took leave, I was fully booked. When I went back to work in January, I was literally working two jobs! By the end of February, I was burning out. So I took a leap of faith and resigned from my day job. Many people advised me ‘not to do it’ … ‘you will never make a living from hypnotherapy’ fellow students were quick to tell me. At the time I had a good job and was earning a decent salary. And I had financial commitments – I was a single mom and was supporting my daughter. And yes, I can’t say I wasn’t a bit nervous, because I was. But I had faith. And I held steady in the belief that I was going to have a very successful practice.

And wow – did the Universe respond! The first month of being self employed and running my practice, I  equaled my salary, and within 6 months, I doubled my salary! In my very first month, I was contacted by YOU MAG about my weight loss hypnosis. They asked if I would be keen to compete against two other holistic modalities to see which method was most successful. I won! If you are interested, you can read all about it here:

YOU MAG wasn’t the only one who called. I’ve been lucky, and have been interviewed on TV three times, on radio also tree times and appeared in magazines twice (to my knowledge). It’s been 8 years now, of successfully running a full time practice. Eight years of experimenting with manifesting. And it’s time to share my knowledge.


The first thing to think about is that the mind is a transmitter – very much like a radio transmitter – except it’s a 2 way transmitter – what you transmit, or send out, is exactly what comes back to you. And the clearer the signal you send out, the more easily you can manifest. But training your mind to do what you want it to do it takes time, and effort, focus and determination. In order to make any real progress and success with manifesting – you’re going to have to change. It’s as simple as that.

The main thing to remember, is that in order to transmit the signals that you want to send out, you’re going to need to quiet your mind. If your mind is full of clutter … it won’t work – it’s a bit like trying to tune into a radio station but there is so much static that you can’t hear a word … So too – if your mind is full of clutter  – The Universe can’t get a clear signal – it can’t get  a reading on what you’re trying to transmit … so it doesn’t know what you want. For most of us, that means getting mixed results. And if you get mixed results, it’s because you are sending out mixed signals.

What creates clutter in the mind?

Many things create clutter in the mind. And when I speak of clutter, I mean an over-busy mind, or a mind focused on problems / trauma from the past, or frustration and anger over life circumstances, or fear, worry and concern about the future. All of these, cause blocks which interrupt the flow of abundance.

Here are a few examples of problems and how they block abundance, and even worse – actually create the opposite:

Anger – have you ever noticed how if you are angry – more things happen to make you more angry – it’s as if the Universe is saying – oh, so you want to be angry – here you go – here is more stuff to be angry about – if you are transmitting a high frequency of anger – you can be sure that you will attract. 

Here’s the interesting thing – The Universe cannot differentiate between what is good / and what is bad – it will respond to whatever you are ‘transmitting’ So if you are transmitting anger – it will definitely send you more things to make you more angry.

And to be honest – I used to be quite an angry person myself. I was angry about the trauma and drama which happened in my childhood, I was angry with myself because I’d made some really stupid decisions in my life, and those decisions had caused me more pain and drama. And I was angry at the world, because it was all so unfair! And most unfair of all, was that I continued to attract nothing but drama and trauma in my life.

Then, one day, I woke up, as if from a deep dream, and I suddenly realized that I was the one who was attracting all this negative stuff into my life. And I resolved to make a change.

Life can be a cruel teacher, but if you are prepared to take responsibility for what you have created, and if you can start working on making the changes needed, your world will turn around.

Within 3 days of changing my way of thinking, everything started to change for the better. And I was amazed! But I also understood, that everything that had happened to me, was part of my learning journey, and that I needed to honor that. And I came to a place of peace. This all happened at the same time as I qualified as a hypnotist and made the transition to from being employed, to being a full time hypnotherapist.

So my words of advice to you are: take responsibility for your life, admit that you have a problem, get therapy if you need it, but you have to change you, if you want to be abundant and happy.

Fear, indecision, feeling overwhelmed, depression, and uncontrolled negative emotions – all of these will block your efforts at manifesting. What to do? Take action, learn a new hobby, study something, join a group – be proactive to take back your power, get some help, get therapy if you need it. 

Laziness or feeling defeated is another block – you are not going to be able to manifest much of anything if you aren’t prepared to put in the work – you have to get passionate about what it is you want to manifest! How much do you want success, joy and abundance?? Are you prepared to put in the work to make it happen??

if you are lazy and complacent or give up easily – if you shrug your shoulders and say ‘ag … whatever’  … be prepared – because I can promised you that the Universe will also shrug it’s shoulders and be like … ‘whatever dude’ …

How to motivate yourself? Find direction, explore your interests, your talents, stop feeling sorry for yourself, exercise … find what it is that excites you. What would you like to manifest? How would life look, if it perfect? Get excited about life – so that life can get excited about you

If you are living in survival mode – this is a biggie. If you are in survival mode, you are automatically transmitting fear. Fear is one of the biggest blocks to manifesting. Because you transmit fear by being fearful, you might well find yourself attracting circumstances which cause more fear. You need to get out of this mindset – no matter what your circumstances are – and it can be done!

Take care with what you are transmitting – watch your thoughts … You literally need to change your mind to change your reality …

Exercise is also amazing to get shift things …. When you move your body … you move your world … Get that energy moving … in your body and in your mind … 

Learn to meditate or pray, to quiet your mind, join a library and read self help books, read autobiographies of successful people who have overcome tremendous odds, watch programs of inspirational people, be inspired by others … so you can begin to understand – nothing is impossible! 

Look at Mandella – he is the ultimate example of coming from poverty, hardship and trauma to huge success – to the point where he is known worldwide – even now, years after his passing, his name is held up as a symbol of freedom … what a powerful example of how to manifest abundance and success.

Let go of stuff! Let go of Old Hurts, Let go of Being Right, Let go of Pride, Boasting and Bragging … Let go of Resentment, Greed, or Jealousy … just let go … remember – when you hold on to stuff, your hand is closed tightly in a fist. It’s like ‘I’m holding onto to this because I need closure … I need an apology … I need to reclaim my pride at being hurt’ No you don’t – just let it go – before it consumes you … 

Holding on to stuff is like holding a burning coal in your hand … whose hand is it burning? Your hand! You are the one feeling the pain. Why are prolonging your pain – why are you doing this to you? Haven’t you felt enough pain already?

And with this fist closed so tightly – how do you expect to be able to receive anything good, with a closed fist? Open your hands, open your arms, let go and be at peace – not so much for the person who wronged you, but for you! 

And get rid of that blocked emotion – punch a pillow, find a private place to scream and scream, until it’s all out, go to gym and exercise, learn self defense … take back your power

One last thing – for those of you who have suffered trauma and difficulties (like seriously – isn’t this all of us???) Trauma and problems are not a sentence to a life of misery – these are gifts. I want you to start to think about changing your mind about what you’ve been through … and I’ve written a beautiful article all about that -> read it here …

NEXT – UNDERSTAND that it’s wise to be prepared – the work is not over when you have changed and you need to be prepared to hold fast and be strong. Because, not everyone in your life is going to like it that you are making progress and changing.

Negative people and or jealousy – don’t listen to negative or jealous people and don’t let them hold you back! Surround yourself with inspiring people who will support you and encourage you to grow

And be prepared because you might need to rock the boat in relationships – you are going to be changing, and if someone is not onboard with helping you to be the best you can be, that’s a problem.

Many people don’t like change, and they might not like it when you start to change, and you have four choices 

  • encourage them to be part of the process – so they can also grow – but if they really don’t want to – don’t allow them to hold you back!
  • become really strong so you won’t be affected by their lack of support, and opposition
  • find the middle path, get some couples counselling, compromise (but not at the expense of losing your dreams)
  • as a last resort, sadly, you might need to change your circle of friends or a partner

Please remember that you are important, and you cannot sacrifice yourself to ‘make’ someone else happy. That only leads to frustration and resentment, anger and the unfulfilled yearnings of your soul. You are important and you need to prioritize you! And if someone is not on board with that – then you might need to move on.

Be careful of EGO – don’t become arrogant or mean or selfish. These are stumbling blocks, and will trip you up. Remember, what you transmit, is what you get back. What thoughts are you sending out today?

Remember that obstacles and challenges are nature’s way of making you stronger – making you more determined  –  to be who you are menat to be. You are meant to learn to overcome the challenges, to grown, to step into the new you, your wonderful new life – overcoming challenges is part of your journey – and the reward is that you get to to claim your prize of success and abundance


There are many ways to change your mind, to start to take control of the situation and turn it around.

  • Write your desires on stick it notes – put them everywhere … on your mirror, inside your cupboard door, on your fridge … 
  • Write out your statement of your desires – 20 x each day – this is a powerful way to change your mindset from the inside
  • Tape your voice repeating your manifesting statements .. talking about your desires and how it would make you feel to attain those goals – and listen to it just before sleep or first thing in the morning
  • Watch your thoughts and start to ‘root out’ negativity – it’s a bit like tending a garden and pulling weeds as soon as they appear
  • Build on feeling good about yourself – praise yourself when you achieve something – encourage yourself – love you – nurture you – be there for you
  • surrender to your present circumstances – stop fighting where you are now – surrender and accept – a lovely way to do this is to ask yourself “what am I learning from this situation? In that way, you change how you feel about it, and the situation transforms from a problem into a lesson. The amazing thing is that once you have understood the lesson, it quickly dissipates and your life begins to automatically change for the better
  • Start resonating with the frequency of what it is you want to manifest – feel it in your body in your cells … feel that excitement and anticipation until you get goosebumps!

And last but not least – have patience with the process … you have a lifetime of beliefs to change – and becoming a new person is a process

Other beautiful ways to clear your mind:

Learn to live in the moment and notice the little things – a beautiful sunrise / the beauty of a flower / a breeze on your cheek / the smile of a loved one / the smell of rain / the red of the African Earth … 

Be nice to people – smile and say thank you to people to let them know you are grateful – service people, tellers, consultants, colleagues – if you are putting out good energy – that is what you will get back 

Be nice to you – look after you / nurture you / make you feel special – the Universe will respond by sending you more things to make you feel special


You need to sort out your stuff

You need to quiet your mind

You need to learn to resolve issues, trauma and stuff

You need to gain control of your mind and emotions

You need to do this, so that you can get the channel clear – so you can transmit clear signals

Then you can start to Tune In – Align yourself with what you want to manifest

A wonderful exercise is: 

Think about the last time you achieved something that made you feel proud – feel that feeling again … and now imagine yourself feeling that feeling AFTER you have already manifested your desires … as if it is already in place – as if you have already manifesting your amazing life – and imagine you, looking back now, at at exactly how you made it happen …

This exercise stimulants the mind to find answers, to search for ways to make it happen

And only when you have these things in place, can you start to do the manifesting courses, or read the books on how to manifest – but you might well find, that you don’t need them any more – because you’re on track and creating your perfect life – all by yourself

You Want To Know The Real Truth? The real Truth Is:  You were born to succeed – success is your birthright! 

If you think about it – us human beings have been programmed to want to make progress … making progress feels amazing and so right for you to be in track! So … put your mind to it and start making progress, because success is your birthright!

It doesn’t matter where you come from, or what you’ve been through, or how many times others have put you down. 

The only thing that matters is that you believe you can do it! And this article is all abut helping you to take the actions and make the changes. 

You can do anything you set your mind to doing! 

You are the master of your mind – create your abundance now.

And if you want to fast-track your progress to shift yourself, to resolve the past, to change your mind, and become a powerful magnet for success, abundance and happiness – come and see me – I can help!

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