Has Your Trauma Actually Set You Up For Great Success?

Overcome The Past And Step Into Success!

There’s a misconception that trauma has blocked us from becoming more. Sharon has done a lot of research and has found that the exact opposite is true – Your trauma has given you gifts – gifts and characteristics which may have set you up for great success!

The truth is that you were not meant to be blocked by your problems – you were meant to overcome them!  You were born to succeed – this is your birthright!

Have you ever considered that the difficulties and problems you have experienced in your life, may automatically have set you up for great success???

That is quite a bold statement to make, and how can that be true, I hear you ask. After all, some of us have been through really hard times – suffered, battled all our lives, been dealt a tough deck of cards, or just had bad luck in life -so how could we possibly be expected to succeed with the odds stacked against us in this way?

The answer lies in overcoming the past to reach success and prosperity.

The truth is that all our obstacles, all our problems, in fact our entire history has given us wisdom and tools… tools we can apply to our present lives… tools we can use to boost ourselves to sustain ourselves when the going gets tough… tools we can use to reach undreamed-of potential… Tools and wisdom that we could not have accumulated in any other way.

How can I be so sure of this, you ask? That’s simple — I’ve been there myself.

When I reached my 21st birthday, I found myself filled with questions — “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “What am I supposed to be doing?” — but, like a lot of 21-year-olds, I didn’t have a clue how to begin to answer these questions. Still, it did start me thinking, reading and exploring.

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I stumbled across a well-known technique used by many successful people: modelling yourself on someone you admire. I began reading autobiographies of successful and famous people, looking for that one common denominator that had catapulted them into such huge success.
That one common denominator, when I found it, was one of the most profound discoveries in my life. These successful people had this one thing in common: they all came from exceptionally difficult life situations. From troubled childhoods to abuse, trauma, and tragedy… the list goes on.
At first I was amazed –how was it possible that so many truly successful people came from such difficult backgrounds? And how did they manage the transition from appalling circumstances to huge success? Was there a link, or was it coincidence?

A lot of deep thought led to an amazing realization:

It wasn’t that they somehow managed to transcend their circumstances to achieve their success…

In fact — it was their adverse circumstances that had primed them for success!

This led me to the next question: what is it about going through tough times that triggers a rise to success and achievement? Exactly how does this work?

I began to piece together the pattern of these scenarios and how they affect the people involved. When a person goes through tough times, they are literally pushed to their limit and are forced to use all their abilities to survive or to cope in the midst of whatever crisis is going on at the time. This exercise of being continually being pushed to one’s limit, being constantly alert, teaches that person skills, extremely useful skills can be applied later in life to achieve our goals.

Everyone is different, and life skills learned may be different, but you may recognize some of these qualities in yourself:

  • Intuition
  • Determination
  • Creativity
  • Bouncing back quickly from setbacks
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Spotting opportunities and taking action
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Possessing exceptional problem-solving skills
  • Being able to make snap decisions wisely and with confidence
  • Being able to stay calm even in the direst of situations
  • Possessing inner strength and belief, drawing strength from within the self
  • Being an excellent judge of character
  • Having a greater understanding of life
  • Being driven to have control over your life and fortune
  • Being able to stay focused on a goal
  • The strength and will to achieve
  • Taking responsibility for your own happiness
  • Taking the initiative to make things happen
  • Empathy – a deeper understanding about people and their problems
  • Inspiring to others
  • Having a sense of humor

These are all invaluable life skills. They cannot be taught. They cannot be bought. They can only be acquired –often by growing through the most grueling of times in our lives.

Going through hardship is a bit like “boot-camp for brains” or “brain-gym”. It teaches you skills — skills you can use to take you to whatever you would like to be, to achieve ANYTHING!

Still, one question remains: why do some people succeed and others not?

Part of the answer lies in that feeling of “stuckness” — knowing deep inside that you can do it — but being “held back” by something deeper than your conscious reach. And that “something” can be really difficult to overcome.

Here is a list of some of the factors which play a part in feeling stuck and being unable to make the transition to success:

  • Personality — we are all different and our reactions to various situations are different
  • Programming — people from our past who programmed us with negative beliefs about ourselves
  • Personal blocks that need to be cleared — belief systems of not deserving happiness or success
  • The need to resolve past trauma / childhood issues / failures / fears / anxiety
  • The desire for change — how strong the drive is to gain control of our own lives
  • “Poor me” syndrome — often associated with getting sympathy from others which becomes a ‘secondary gain’ for not changing or trying
  • Failure in the past — tried something and failed and too afraid to try again

So how do you start the change? How do you make the shift from victim to victor? If it were so easy, why isn’t everyone out there succeeding?

The truth is that most people are succeeding to some extent — but not enough to truly fulfill their destiny, to be deeply and truly happy, and to reach the heights they were born to achieve.

Make The Shift: From Victim To Victor

There are a number of excellent resources and techniques to start the process of inner change — read transformational books, go on courses, learn to let go of the past and focus on the present moment, practice affirmations, study manifesting the life of your dreams, model yourself on someone you admire…

However, sometimes one needs more to fully transcend one’s limiting blocks. Roots of the past are deeply buried in the subconscious and are stubbornly lodged and locked away from conscious efforts to change. This is why affirmations and reading are such hard work and often don’t work as well as we would like. We simply have a hard time “believing” them — because they fly in the face of all our learned limiting and negative beliefs about ourselves.

So how can we break through these limiting barriers and beliefs? Is there any way to get to the root and reprogram our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves?

The good news is that yes – we most certainly can – with the help of hypnosis. Hypnosis is invaluable for accessing those blocked parts of ourselves, for reprogramming our minds for success, and for getting to the root of the problem so that you may transform from the deepest levels.

Move Past Your Past

Hypnosis is a wonderfully gentle but powerful tool to help you let go of the past and make the shift to embrace your gifts, to take you into the life you deserve, making change at deeply profound levels.

During hypnosis we are able to access the data bank of information which is the subconscious mind. Here are able to heal, transform and reframe the past — so that what was once limitation, disadvantage, disappointment and pain can become the very foundation for a hugely successful life.

You worked hard to acquire these skills; now is the time for you to claim your reward for all that hard work! You have earned the right to be right up there, to claim your place, to experience success, joy and a wonderfully fulfilling life. It is already yours!

What is hypnotherapy?

Firstly, hypnosis is nothing like the way it is portrayed in the movies. One cannot be “hypnotized” to commit a crime or a murder. In fact, one cannot be hypnotized to do anything that goes against your inner beliefs and core values (the things that you believe in, such as your moral beliefs and standards).

Hypnosis is actually a completely normal state of mind we slip in and out of several times a day! Just before you fall asleep — when you are neither asleep nor awake — that is a state of hypnosis. When you are at a braai and gazing into the flames of the fire — that is a hypnotic state. Even when you get into your car and drive somewhere, only to arrive and have no memory or recollection about actually driving there — when you drive on ‘auto-pilot’ — that is a hypnotic state. Artists quite naturally go into hypnosis when being creative. Even when you are sitting in your garden, with the sun on your shoulders, listening to the birds and daydreaming — that is also a state of hypnosis. Hypnosis is that wonderful “zone” where life just flows, so beautifully.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

A skilled hypnotist can guide you to find those stubborn inner stuck places, those roots of self-limiting behaviors, and help you to transcend and transform. Hypnotherapy is very effective — expect to see amazing changes very quickly – within 3 – 6 weeks!

Hypnosis helps you to create change step by step – transcending new heights; taking you to undreamed of levels of success and fulfillment.

Expect wonderful changes as you take your first step on this new path. Expect new and amazing things to come into your life — they will! Most of my clients report exciting changes, not only in themselves,  but also in their circumstances, very quickly.

It’s part of the magic that is hypnosis.

How Long Are The Appointments?

The first session is 2 hours, and follow up sessions are 1 hour each

How Many Appointments Do You Need?

Hypnotherapy works very quickly – You can expect wonderful and lasting change within 4 – 6 sessions

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