Overcome Fear of Public Speaking and Social Anxiety – Boost Your Self Esteem and Step Into Your PowerThe ability to speak calmly and powerfully in front of a group of people is an extremely useful and often vital asset to have in one’s toolbox. Many people fear public speaking, and think that this skill is a talent you need to be “born with”. Not true. Public speaking is actually a learned skill – one that can be taught!

We tend to think that speaking in front of a group of people, large or small, should be a natural and easy thing to do – for some people. And yet, almost everyone has had to learn to calm their nerves, how to control their voice and breathing, and how to allow their natural personality to shine through.

The truth is that a large number of people suffer from a debilitating fear of public speaking and social anxiety, some even to the point of panic at the mere thought of meeting a new person face to face. Low self esteem is often an issue for people suffering from these types of problems.

Let’s face it – public speaking can be rather daunting for anyone. Even those who have supreme self-confidence can feel shaken and nervous in the face of addressing a large group of people. For many people, the fear runs far deeper than a bit of anxiety. For some, the thought of standing in front of a group of people and presenting a speech, can be completely debilitating. Symptoms include sweaty palms, trembling, heart pounding, dry mouth, stuttering and freezing – unable to access a single thought, never mind the content of the speech. Often the speaker feels numb and a sense of things “not feeling real”.

Comments from people who come for help with this problem range from:

“My heart was hammering  … My mouth went dry  …”

“My knees were shaking so hard I thought I was going to fall down  …”

“My mind went completely blank .. I couldn’t even remember my name!”

“I couldn’t access a single thought …”

“I was fine one moment  … It came out of nowhere  …”

“I felt sick to my stomach  …”

Why does this happen, and what can be done to help with the problem?

Hypnotherapy is the answer. This is a gentle but powerful tool and can help in a number of ways:

  • Improved self confidence
  • Goal setting
  • Getting to the root of the problem & resolving the issue
  • Doing “practice runs” to ensure the new confident relaxed state is fully integrated

Improved self-confidence – hypnosis, the magic wand

Hypnosis is great for accessing one’s strengths, positive achievements & personality traits, and then building on those strengths for a sense of unshakable confidence coming from within.

Various mental exercises are taught to help the client cope better and to easily access & activate this new-found inner confidence whenever a “boost” is needed. When this empowered state is achieved, the body then follows suit & activates the release of chemicals in the body – making this not only a mental state, but an actually physical change in the body that can be felt. The more often this resource state is accessed, the more the changes take place, and the more permanent this state of mind becomes.

Goal setting – Hypnosis is exceptionally successful for setting and attaining goals

In hypnosis one is able to move into various “time” states. One can go way back in time, one can be in the present moment, and one can project oneself into the future. Setting goals utilizing future projection is extremely powerful.

Another technique is to “feel” as if you have already attained your goal – hypnosis can help make this a very real state of mind, where one actually experiences having attained your goal, actually “feeling” it in your body & mind. The mind & body does not know the difference between reality and perceived reality (utilizing hypnosis). The perception is the same. Any state that one “feels” can very quickly become one’s reality. This is how the law of attraction (or manifesting) works. Pretending that something has already happened makes it very real. This is especially true in hypnosis, where the experience of success is that much stronger and therefore more believable. The “feeling” of success as it is actually “experienced” as reality.

The third way hypnosis can benefit goal setting, is for the brain to actually “see” the goal. The brain loves goals – it is our birth right to have goals and to achieve them. We were designed & built for success and to achieve our highest potential! Utilising hypnosis to “set course” for these goals, they can be achieved very quickly.

Regression – finding the root of the problem and resolving the issue

Hypnosis is one of the very best ways to access the root the problem and resolve the issue completely. The subconscious mind is a huge store-house of memories; each and every situation that has ever happened is carefully stored & filed away. Our brain is somewhat like a recorder – everything that has ever happened to us is carefully recorded and filed away for future reference.

The wonder of hypnosis is that one is able to access these memories with regression – going all the way back to the very first event which triggered the reaction. Hypnotic regression can take one all the way back to being a baby and even to the womb!

The amazing thing is that the subconscious mind knows exactly where to go .. It’s a bit like plotting a course .. There might be a few stops along the way (other memories & feelings related to the problem) but the course is clear and the initial sensitizing event will be reached.

Once this initial sensitising event has been reached, detail of memory can be astounding. Most people experience the situation as if they were actually there, and are able to report in minute detail many related and unrelated facts, for example, the time of day, season, temperature, colours & details of surroundings, including clothes worn that particular day, both by the person and other people present. The wonder of this is the memory of the actual incident including detailed information of exactly what transpired, as well as the all-important emotions & thoughts at the time. This detail and actually “being there” is a very resourceful state where much healing & understanding can take place, ultimately being able to finally let go of the situation.

The result of this is a huge “shift” as the trauma is released.

Practice runs – practice makes perfect!

Hypnosis is very useful for “practicing” the newly acquired public speaking skills, to make sure the learning has been integrated. A series of very real “practice runs” makes it easier and easier to feel very comfortable in front of large groups of people. This is the final test that the new empowered state is a permanent & fixed part of who you now are. It also helps to train the brain in new and empowering patterns, completely eliminating any past feelings of insecurity, and replacing them with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

How many sessions will it take to feel more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd?

You can expect remarkable results within 6 sessions. The first session is very powerful – accessing empowering resource states, releasing negative energy & setting goals. You will also be taught coping skills to feel a sense of control. From the second session, we go into further methods to help you shift to a wonderful new empowered you, able to be at ease meeting new people, and comfortably address large groups of people.

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