Who are you? Where do you come from? 

What is life about?

Have you lived before?

Who were you in that life?

What did you experience in that life?

What is your life purpose in this life?

How do you find answers and inner peace?

Why do you find yourself in the same situations over and over?

What is Karma and how does it work?

What is a soulmate?

What is soul group / soul family?

Are you haunted by unresolved trauma in this life?

Spiritual hypnosis can answer these and many other questions you may have.

The history of Past Life regression dates all the way back to ancient Indian literature, but was further developed in the 1950's by psychologists, psychiatrists and mediums.

Using hypnosis for Past Life Regression became much more widely known and accepted after Dr. Brian Weiss wrote of his experiences with hypnosis clients in "Many Lives, Many Masters". Michael Newton's books "Life Between Lives" and "Destiny of Souls" detailed further exploration into spiritual hypnosis.

Since then, hypnosis has become exceptionally popular as more and more people started asking questions and getting answers. Spiritual Hypnosis has made it possible to understand so much more about yourself and your journey.

Sharon from Johannesburg Hypnosis can help you to: ask the right questions; get the answers you need; and find direction.

Find inner peace, guidance, connection to spirit, and healing - it is yours already- all you need to do is ask ...

Client Testimonial: Bridget - Past Life Regression: 

"Thank you for the incredible experience I shared with you when I came for my past life regression. Slowly digested it over the weeks that followed and it gave me much food for thought and understanding. Thank you for providing such a safe and fruitful space" *Disclaimer – results may vary from person to person

Spiritual Hypnosis Sessions:

Spiritual Hypnosis is a 2 1/2 hour session

What to explore in your session:

Past Life Regression

Many Lives Overview & Review

Connect to the Spiritual Realm

Meet Your Guides

Connect to Your Higher Self

Find Your Life Path

Resolve Current Life Trauma With Guides & Angels

Understand Your Present Life Circumstances

Unravel Recurring Issues In Your Life

Explore Karmic Ties

Connect to Your Soul Group / Family

Connect to a loved one who has passed

Connect to Universal Healing

Find the Source of a Phobia

Spirit Releasement

Clear Negative Energy

Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing

Spiritual Hypnosis

Connect, Find Answers, Heal

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Office Hours: 

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