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Sport is by definition a highly competitive arena. It is an activity where humans push themselves to their limits, exceed expectations and achieve more than they believed humanly possible.

It is an arena where achievements are measurable, where you can reach success and experience the thrill of operating at your highest potential, where everything you know comes together so perfectly – poetry in motion – and it’s as if time itself disappears – and there is only you, and perfect balance, perfect concentration, perfect movement and perfect coordination. This is where months and years of practice pay off – to reach for the stars and achieve the highest accolades of true success. Every sportsman or sportswoman’s dream come true.

And it all starts with the idea – of wanting to be fit – wanting to train – wanting to push the body – wanting to achieve. Of Making It Happen.

And anyone who has ever achieved anything on the sports field will tell you that they started at the beginning- achieving superb fitness levels – fine-tuning the body in preparation for success.

There are many benefits to being fit and healthy

  • Boosted energy levels
  • Increased serotonin levels
  • More determination
  • Think more clearly
  • Greater levels of focus and concentration
  • Sleep better at night
  • More motivated to eat healthy
  • Make decisions more easily
  • More likely to take action in achieving plans and goals
  • A marked increase in self-confidence and self-belief

The brain plays a huge part in sports achievement and reaching sporting goals

  • Motivation – focus and determination to reach goals
  • Selective Attention – ability to focus on important details and filter out unimportant information
  • Goal Setting –  setting measurable steps to achieve goals
  • Working Memory – ability to process information instantaneously
  • Decision Making – split second decision-making for the best outcome
  • Muscle Memory – physical and imagined practice to integrate and automate muscle memory and motor execution

Life is full of challenges – Things that can distract / demotivate

  • Bad habits are brain patterns, and habitual brain patterns can be difficult to overcome
  • Lack of achieving goals can be demotivating – building physical fitness to competitive levels takes time – commitment to the process takes focus and determination
  • Laziness or losing momentum – it’s easy to start skipping practice
  • Bad eating habits – make us feel sluggish and lazy
  • Life events which can interrupt routines eg: holidays, moving house, problems,
  • Excuses – I’m too fat / too old / not smart enough / have the wrong body / am clumsy / lack physical co-ordination

And if you think about it, all of the things above relate to our beliefs of what we can or are willing to achieve. It’s all about the brain!

The Brain – is it true – do humans use only 10% of their brains?

This is completely false. No one knows exactly where this myth came from or who started it. Some claim that this information came from Albert Einstein – but this is not true. In fact, Albert Einstein, when questioned by a journalist, answered that he only used 10% of his brain. So the actual source of that belief goes further back and is lost in the mists of time.

What we do now know, thanks to people such as neurologist Barry Gordon and we “use virtually every part of the brain, and that (most of) the brain is active almost all the time.” Further study by neuroscientist Barry Beyerstein indicated seven points which refuted the 10% brain myth.

So, the good news is that we can be pretty sure we are utilizing most of the brain at different times of the day.

Can Brain and Body Function Be Improved With Hypnosis?

Yes – most definitely. Hypnosis is a gentle yet powerful way to connect with the brain to achieve amazing results. It is a fact that many world-class sportsmen and women use hypnosis to achieve the highest awards and achievements. Some Olympic teams even have Hypnotists at the games to help them achieve the highest awards in the world!

Sports hypnosis is a powerful way to learn to work with the mind, and channel brain power to achieving remarkable goals.

Sports Hypnosis To Give You The Advantage

  • Self-Mastery of the Mind – Learn the Art of Controlling the Mind and the Body for Peak Performance
  • Improved Focus and Attention
  • Activating Muscle Memory
  • Motivation and Determination
  • Achievable Goal Setting and Planning
  • Visualization for Achieving Goals
  • Overcoming Blocks / Resistance / Negativity / Bad Habits
  • Boost Self Confidence and Self Belief
  • Start Achieving Your Goals
  • Rise to the Top of your Field
  • And last but not least – Heal Sports Injuries Faster! Hypnosis has been proven to speed up healing from sports injuries / operations

Practice runs – practice makes perfect!

Hypnosis is a powerful way to connect to the imagination for ‘practice runs’. The more you imagine yourself achieving, see yourself winning, experience having focus and ability to connect to the most powerful parts of your mind – the more natural winning feels and the better the wonderful results. A series of very real “practice runs” makes it easier and easier to master the techniques of achieving amazing success.

This is the final test that the new empowered state is a permanent & fixed part of who you now are. It also helps to train the brain in new and empowering patterns, completely eliminating any past feelings of insecurity and doubt, and replacing them with a wonderful sense of confidence in your ability to exceed all your previous expectations. To ultimately achieve your dreams.

How many sessions will it take?

You can expect remarkable results within 5 – 6 sessions.

Invest in your sports success today!

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