What is the conscious mind? And what exactly is the subconscious mind, and how does it work? What does it do for us?

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is the part of our minds we are most aware of – the part of our mind that thinks and reasons, the part that makes decisions, the part that sets goals and works out how to reach those goals. In fact, everything we are consciously aware of thinking, happens in the conscious mind.

The really interesting thing is – that every decision we make, every opinion we have, our thought processes, our habits, our beliefs about ourselves and the world – all of these originate from our subconscious mind.

Which ultimately means, that the real power lies in the subconscious mind.

Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a very interesting part of our minds – it is 30 000 times more powerful than our conscious mind. It is a vast data-bank of information where data is constantly being recorded, processed, conclusions reached, ideas propagated …

It quite literally is a computer – and it is the most powerful computer on this planet!

The subconscious mind is constantly running many vital and interesting tasks …

Memory Bank

Pro’s: Our subconscious mind is a massive memory bank. It has recorded and stored each and every thing we have ever experienced in our entire lives – all the way back to the very moment we were born! I will always remember, when, one day, as a student, one of my fellow students was hypnotized (by our teacher) to go back to his earliest memory. We were all completely astounded when his first words were “why is the world upside down – and who are these people in the white coats?” He had gone all the way back to the moment of being born!!

The amazing truth is, that everything we have heard, been taught, every experience, every movie we’ve watched, every conversation we’ve heard – in fact every single detail of our entire lives has been recorded and stored. Not only has every detail been stored, but it has been stored in ‘multi-sensory’ mode – that means with all 5 of our senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch (or feeling). And that is why, when you think back to a time in the past, you might remember a lot of other details too – such as perhaps, the time of day, what the weather was like, what you were wearing, the song that was playing in the background, the little breeze against your cheek, the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves …

This massive data bank remembers it all!

Con’s: This massive memory bank remembers it all – even the things we don’t remember! Incidents can be hidden from our active conscious memory, leaving us with puzzling problems we are unable to solve, because we can’t remember. Fears and phobia can be triggered by past unresolved traumas and problems. It’s difficult to deal with things when you can’t actively remember them!

Memory Processor 

Pro’s: Our subconscious minds also process information, all the time. Everything you experience is processed and analysed by your subconscious mind, which helps you to better understand the world around you.

In fact, if we pay attention for a short while, we can almost feel or hear our subconscious minds running through what happened this morning, or yesterday, or the conversation you had, or what someone said, or what you thought of a particular thing … Our mind is constantly analyzing information for us.

This constant processing of information is wonderful – it means we have lots of valuable information available when we need to make a decision.

Con’s: However, it can also be a problem – many people find themselves ‘over-thinking’ things, and ‘can’t switch off’ from stress or problems, or find themselves anxious from previous experiences, or even things other people experienced …

Other Functions Of The Subconscious Mind

It Has Our Safety And Comfort As It’s Number One Task

Pro’s: This powerful part of our mind is always looking out for us. It is the part of us that is vigilant and watches out for us, the part that alerts us when something is wrong, the part that makes sure we step over that puddle of water, so we don’t get wet …

When there is trouble or danger, it is the subconscious mind that takes control, pumps adrenaline through our system so we can run faster and be stronger, helps us to be strangely calm, so we can think more clearly, or gives us the best ideas and solutions automatically to help us.

Con’s: Sometimes it can become over fearful, or over vigilant or over cautious, or develop a negative attitude, which leads to worry, and anxiety.  These patterns can be difficult to shift from a conscious perspective – it almost feels as if, the more we tell the subconscious mind ‘not’ to worry – the more it worries! Stress and tension can become a way of life, a habit – and we tell ourselves these unhealthy and high levels of adrenaline ‘gives us energy’ or ‘helps us to cope’ – when in fact, the opposite is true.

Provides Solutions

Pro’s: This part of the mind is our real ally when we have a problem to solve, or are seeking solutions, or different ways of doing things. And if you know how this works, you can reap the rewards with very little effort. In hypnosis, we can learn the process of how to communicate with the mind to get it to work for us!

Con’s: If we don’t understand how to effectively work with this part of the mind, we can become frustrated, stuck and frantic. It seems, the more desperately we try to find answers, the more they elude us!

Finds Ways To Make Us Feel Happy

Pro’s: This part of the mind is always looking to make us happy! It will urge us to seek out that little patch of peace in the garden, or go for a hike up the mountain, or go for a meal at our favorite restaurant … It knows just what to suggest to make us feel good!

Con’s: Too much of a good thing is – not good for us! Comfort eating can be a big problem / Laziness can become a habit / Inability to step out of our ‘comfort zone’ / Allowing our fears to rule our actions / Fear of moving forward / Fear of the unknown … These are just a few of the ways our subconscious mind limits us to prevent us reaching our potential.

The Origin Of All Creative Thought

Pro’s: This part of the mind is a powerhouse of ideas, and information – all creativity and creative thought flows from the subconscious mind into our conscious mind, so we can access and utilize it.

Con’s: An over-active imagination can be a big problem – fear and insecurity can fuel our worst fears, our biggest problems – jumping to incorrect conclusions / not being able to see clearly or objectively / blowing things out of proportion / fear of the future / seeing negativity everywhere … jealousy, insecurities, lack of confidence … These are some of the problems which can come from an over-active imagination.


So – from all the above info, we can see that the subconscious mind is a powerful and amazing tool – if you can understand:

  • how to effectively communicate with it
  • how to understand it
  • how to get results
  • how to control your mind, body and emotions
  • how to program yourself for success
  • how to be able to program your own mind for the way you choose to experience life

The good news is that Sharon from Johannesburg Hypnosis has been fine-tuning a technique to effectively communicate with the subconscious mind to get results, to enable you to learn how to program your own mind! The results are phenomenal!

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